Tiny Group That Is Ancient Gets Help To Tidy Up – History

“Beautiful old wood here,” Walsh said. “It’s going to be great when we get it renovated.” He knows the home’s revamp will take plenty of work, including a dumpster to hold trash collected when cleaning out the building. 9 On Your Neighborhood’s Side contacted Rumpke, which agreed to donate a dumpster for the Sedamsville project. Some elbow grease came from the Interfraternity Council from University of Cincinnnati. “It’s definitely a sense of giving back,” volunteer Thelim Thach said. “I’m from Cleveland originally, and when I came down here, the sense of pride in the city of Cincinnati is something I got immediately.” Volunteer Cindy Bastin hopes a family will buy the renovated gem, and the restoration process will spread from home to home in Sedamsville.